Get involved.

ACTT works to promote co-operative models as the best alternative to business models that are, more than ever, unjust and bankrupt. As a cooperative, we rely on the involvement of those who are committed to our mission. Take action to strengthen the cooperative movement by:

Attend a General Meeting

ACTT welcomes your involvement at our general meetings. We meet as a group every other month to discuss the cooperative movement in Austin, get inspired, and work on our ongoing projects. Join us in these conversations about how co-ops can become a more important player in the transformation of the business and cultural landscape of Austin. We also have a “featured co-op” at every meeting – if you would like your co-op to be our featured group, please email Subscribe to our e-newsletter and like our Facebook page to get announcements about upcoming meetings.

Volunteer for a Project

Projects are the arms of ACTT. You can volunteer at all levels of a project, from leadership to simpler tasks. Subscribe to our newsletter or send an email to to get involved!

Spread the Word

Don’t have the time to get involved with ACTT now? Contribute to its mission instead by talking about it. Educate yourself on the comparative advantage of co-ops and tell your friends about ACTT’s mission. Reaching someone who becomes a supporter of a project helps promote ACTT and co-ops in general.