Our Work

What we’re working on.

Because TTM fights for change, the goals for 2017 are being pursued through several programs that intend to make a difference. Each program relies on volunteers who believe in TTM’s mission. Read about the actions TTM is undertaking to utilize the strengths of cooperative organizations to solve problems throughout society, and consider how you get take part in the movement of progress.

Co-op Summit – January 25-26, TBA

Our current primary project is organizing a conference in partnership with the National Cooperative Business Alliance (NCBA). The conference is January 25-26, TBA.

Education and Outreach

We are looking for talented people to help with the development of marketing materials about the cooperative movement!  If you are a marketing ninja, promoter, or branding god, this project is for you. You’ll get the opportunity to exercise your talents on a worthwhile challenge: creating campaigns for co-ops. Is this you?  Email us at info [at] thinktank.coop

Mentoring Program

TTM believes that co-operative members and leaders of all kinds do better when they can share their struggles and achievements with a peer who’s going on the same path and with a veteran who’s been through the ordeal and knows some secrets of the way. TTM created the Mentor and Peer Partner Program to match seasoned co-opers with neophytes in a relationship of mutual learning and growth.

The TTM Mentor and Peer Partner Pilot Program has two parts: (1) the matching of new leaders of co-operative organizations with experienced leaders for a three-month period. The experienced leaders volunteer their time to coach mentees through the difficulties of participating in and leading a co-operative entity. And (2) the matching of new co-op leaders with peers on a similar track for a three-month period. The co-op peers partner to hold each other accountable, encourage, and provide feedback on the co-op journey.

Learn more about the Mentoring Program by sending us your contact information. A representative from the program will get in touch with you soon.